Christ the Redeemer

Listed as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Christ the Redeemer or Cristo Redentor is or should be on every Rio de Janeiro’s first time visitor’s To do List.

Situated on the peak of the 700 meters high Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park and overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro, the Art Deco Christ the Redeemer statue was created  by the French sculptor Paul Landowski and build by the Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa, together with the Fench architect Albert Caquot, from 1922 to 1931. A symbol of peace, the Christ with open arms statue is 30 meters high, not including the 8 meters pedestal, and its arms stretch 28 meters wide.

Getting to Cristo Redentor

There are several options to get to the top of the Corcovado mountain.

  • Take the centenarian eco-friendly electrical train up from rua Cosme Velho, cutting through the Atlantic forest, part of the Tijuca National Park.
  • Take a van from Largo do Machado Square, in front of the church. Getting there is easiest by metro/ tube, although there are a lot of buses that get there too. The metro stop has the same name, Largo de Machado
  • Take a van from half way up the mountain, in front of the former hotel Paineiras. The only way to get there though is by taxi or by car.


  • Train tickets can be bought directly in the train station in rua Cosme Velho or from different selling points throughout the city, including the post offices. You can find more information on the prices and selling points here
  • You can also buy your tickets online. Check the seasonal prices and how to buy here



  • The busiest times to visit coincide with the city’s most crowded moments: the Carnival, Christmas and New Year, and this year the Olympic games period. Also, Saturdays, Sundays and Brazilian public holidays are considered high season. Also in admission tickets prices.
  • Book your return train ticket on line prior to going to the Corcovado mountain. This way you will make sure to avoid long queues.
  • Try to go up on a clear sky day. There is nothing more disappointing than getting there and not being able to enjoy the spectacular view or even the statue, due to cloudy weather.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast one day before or just take a peek at the top of the mountain. If it is surrounded by clouds, better to wait or postpone your visit.

Fun facts

  • The statue is not just a religious symbol, but is also became a symbol of peace and the openness of Brazilian people
  • In 2008 and 2014 the statue was struck by lightning, but the damage to the fingers, head and eyebrows was minimal due to the outer layers of soapstone.
  • The construction took 9 years and cost the equivalent USD 250,000 ( USD 3,3 million in 2016)
  • Catholics can hold baptisms and weddings at Our Lady of the Apparition chapel, right under the Christ the Redeemer statue.