Olympic Games, RIO 2016

The Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016

In 2009 Rio de Janeiro was announced to be the city to host the 2016 edition of the Summer Olympics and Paralympics, being selected out of the finalists that included Madrid, Chicago and Tokyo. This way,  Rio will become the first city in South America to host this major international multi-sport event, and the second city in Latin America after Mexico City in 1968, and the first since 2000 to be held in the Southern Hemisphere.

The records about the first Olympic games event dates from year 776 BC and took place in Olympia, Greece. The games lasted until 392 AD, when the event was suspended. The first modern edition of the Olympic games materialized in year 1896, in Athens Greece. 120 years later, the games will be hosted by one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Cidade Maravilhosa – Rio de Janeiro.


Facts about the Rio 2016 Olympic games event:

  • The Olympic games will take place between the 5th of August and 21st of August 2016
  • 10,500 athletes from 206 countries – with the first ever participation of Kosovo and South Sudan – will compete in 306 medal events.
  • The medal events include 136 women’s, 191 men’s and 9 mixed.
  • 42 sports will be contested – including two new additions: Golf, after 112 years of absence, and Rugby, after 92 years.
  • 32 competition venues will be spread around 4 regions of the city: Deodoro, Barra, Maracanã and Copacabana. A more detailed view can be found here
  • The preparations include the staging of 39 test events, to insure everything will go smoothly during the Rio 2016 competitions. If you want more information, follow this link
  • Organizing the Olympic games require the supplying of: 315 horses, 60,000 hangers, 100,000 chairs, 34,000 beds, 11 million meals, 25,000 tennis balls and many more.
  • The man power engaged in conducting such a large event consists of: 45,000 volunteers, 6,500 employees and 85,000 outsourced staff.
  • 7.5 million tickets are already in sale for the Olympic games, with 3.8 million under $30. More information on the availability and prices can be found here


The Rio 2016 Paralympic games – facts:

  • The first competition for athletes with an impairment took place in 1948 and its success led to the  Paralympic games edition to take place in 1960 in Rome, Italy.
  • This is the 16th edition of the Paralympic games
  • The Parlaympic games start on 7th of September and end on 18th of September 2016
  • 4,350 athletes from 176 countries will compete in 528 medal events
  • 23 games will be contested, including two new sports: Canoe, on the Lagoa stadium, and Triathlon, at Fort Copacabana
  • 21 competition venues, spread around 4 regions of the city: Deodoro, Barra, Maracanã and Copacabana. Please check this link for more details
  • 10 test events will be held during the preparations, to ensure everything will go nice and smooth.
  • Organizing the Paralympic games requires, amongst others: 417 footballs, 3,142 archery targets, 6,480 table tennis balls, 3.5 million meals.
  • The event will require: 25,000 volunteers, 45,000 putsourced staff, 5000 employees.

Did you know?

  • The Olympic rings represent the union of the 5 continents.
  • The Paralympic symbol  is the 3 Agitos. In Latin, Agito means I move
  • The torch is the symbol of the link between the ancient and modern games.
  • The motto of this summer’s games is Live your passion (Viva sua paixão)
  • The Olympic values are: Excellence, Friendship and Respect
  • The 4 year cycle between each summer games is called the Olympiad.

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